Friday, July 25, 2008

CS Interiors

So I'm quite proud of all the attention that we've been getting and flattered to have such a great article written about this great group of individuals that I have the opportunity to work with. All of you are indeed way more than partners in this. You've all become family to me.

So here's a shout everyone I've ever had the pleasure of creating with.
Pariah, love you bro! Mr.Slick, you never cease to amaze me with your drive and taste. Bettlejuice, what can I say? You're the greatest! A gentle giant, for sure. To the asian definitely keep this thing movin! I am forever indebted. Shark fin, I'm in. Anytime bro. Anytime. Goodman/Rourke, I believe that we are finding that we are more similar than the rest ever would've thought...challah! (like the bread, my brotha).

To everyone else who's been involved, it has been a privilege. To all mentioned above, it most certainly will continue to be one.

Much Love,

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