Monday, June 16, 2008


So here it is...the hospitality design world has been struggling for a new foothold for some time now. Looking at the clean lines and polished concrete for too long has created a void in originality and expression amongst the masses. While there are some great moments found over the past 5 or 10 years, ultimately the whole process has left me feeling a bit sterile. And I think the masses have gotten there as well.
Here's to looking at expression and a slight (or not so slight, in some cases) head nod to tradition. Take notes from the places that sparked conversation. Places where like minds mingled. The essence of Bohemia. It's coming.
These are from some of my notes...
The first is from Lafayette House in New York.
I found Lafayette after a string of bullshit Schraeger-esque places over the course of a week or so. Flying straight in from 3 nights at the Delano in Miami, I was eager to find something different. The "PARIAH" put me up to it. He told me, "I'm not even going to qualify what you are about to experience. I just want you to have an open mind and trust me."
He was right.
It was on that first night at Lafayette that I fell in love. No front desk. No bullshit posers trying to get in to the Rose Bar. Just my own little pied a terre. Perfect.
Every room outfitted with its own fireplace, the bathroom styled in Parisian fixtures accompanied by a full set of Bigelow products.
This is not for the see and be seen. This is for for the independent.

If you can't relate, fuck off. We'll build a place for you to come and feel important soon enough. But then again, I would guess you wouldn't be reading this anyway, would you.

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