Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love this fucking place! I would love to import the whole shop, signs and all, and transform it into the fascade of a concept steak joint. Think Esquina folks. Come on, you ought to know that one, at least. Here's a hint...corner of Lafayette and Kenmare.

Of course, now the owner just signed a deal to put the concept on some rooftop in Miami. Talk about bullshit! Brand dilution anyone? Oh, or should I just say sellout?
Either way, if you haven't seen it yet, go. We'll chat when you return.

That's the one that kicked it off for me. Brilliant! The idea of PRETENSE WITHOUT PRETENSE. That's right, Pretension hiding behind Non-Pretension. I love it! That's why all of these PDT concepts and Backroom Bar venues are making it. Everyone wants to feel like they've found something, right?
I know I fell into it. I went to PDT. I even knew what to expect. When I walked out, I still felt that tickle. Perfect. Walking back out into Crif Dogs where people were gawking and wondering where the hell "THE PARIAH" and I came from. Hilarious. I totally fell for it. Like I was sooo cool...and the shit was just in Vanity Fair! NEXT....

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